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Health Across America was established to serve you and tens of thousands of families, individuals, small business owners, employees of small businesses, and self-employed individuals. Whether you own your own small business or you support the idea of free enterprise, HAA applauds your entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

By leveraging our experience and knowledge of the key areas that drive personal and business success, we use our collective market expertise, we are able to provide access to resources not commonly available to individuals, families, and business owners.


For individuals and families seeking unbiased and honest advice on Healthcare, we provide access to vetted, certified, licensed, and trustworthy National Health Insurance Advisors to explain your options and assist you in obtaining the most affordable, quality, Healthcare coverage available in your state

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Today's employees demand better benefits. To help small business owners compete, attract, and retain quality employees, our Certified Small Business Benefits Coordinators develop affordable, tax advantaged small business Healthcare and benefits packages that rival those of major corporations

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Our Certified Self-Employment Benefits Coordinators develop affordable, tax advantaged, healthcare and benefits packages for 1099 contracted and self-employed individuals

Great Healthcare and Benefits for Self-Employed Individuals
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Health Across America is focused on enhancing your career, your personal life and your health - by removing the financial and knowledge hurdles you face every day. We encourage you to contact Health Across America today so that we can make a difference for you!