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PPO Healthcare that covers you in every State in America!

Travel Professionals, Families, Self-Employed, Small Business Owners.
Welcome To
Health Across America 


Health Across America is a consumer advocate company. We are your Personal Healthcare Advisors. Our mission is to educate and empower Americans to make the smartest and most affordable healthcare choices. We are dedicated to taking the mystery and frustration out of the healthcare buying process and giving consumers control over all medical expenses. You'll discover that our commitment to your medical and financial success and satisfaction is second-to-none. That's because the most important person in the healthcare YOU!

But it doesn't end there! As your Personal Healthcare Advisors, we are there for you for the life of your policy to ensure that you are paying the lowest possible price for the highest quality of care available. We are nationally recognized experts in medical pricing and consumer protection that ensures that you always pay a fair price for health insurance and medical services We are here for YOU!

Affordable Coverage for your Individual and Family Needs Even When You Travel!

For individuals and families looking for the smartest and most affordable nationwide PPO coverage, we'll thoroughly explain your options and assist you in signing up for the coverage that bests meets you needs and monthly budget! When you see the coverage that you want, we can typically have your coverage active within 24 hours! When you travel, your healthcare will travel with you! Another great thing is that you will never have to look for health insurance again. Once you're approved for coverage it is guaranteed renewable until age 65. Forget about that annual Open Enrollment period, your covered!

For Affordable Small Business Healthcare & Benefit Plans, Even When You Or Your Employees Travel!

For Small Businesses with less than 50 employees, we are a game changer, offering coverage that you customize to meet the budge that you've set, with customizable full benefit plans that rival those of large corporations. You know how important it is in today's business environment, to attract and retain your best employees. Our coverage options are exactly what you've always been looking for. You can design benefits packages with the challenges and strategies of your business in mind, not like those expensive group plans. No more being limited to one size fits all, or the hassle of managing employee benefits. We will act as your employee benefits advisor so that you can focus on running your business!

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Great Healthcare and Benefits for Self-Employed Individuals, Even When You Travel!

If you are self-employed, we offer coverage that you can customize to meet your medical needs and budget. Our plans are designed with the challenges of self-employed people in mind. 

First, we offer the smartest and most affordable healthcare plans available, we'll thoroughly explain your quality options, customize your benefits package, explain your tax advantages, and assist you when you're ready to sign up for coverage that best meets your needs and monthly budget! Just like with all of our plans, when you travel, your healthcare plan will travel with you! And of course, our plans are 100% renewable until age 65.  

For Travel Professionals

From Travel Nurses to Truck Drivers and any other time you’re out of your home state, our coast-to-coast PPO network will cover you wherever you are! Your worries about needing medical attention and having costly bills when you’re not at home are over. Our coverage is a great opportunity for you to take a little stress off your shoulders and add a little time back into your day. We will perform a needs analysis to understand exactly what you need and present you with options that meet your needs and budget. No need to find coverage every time you switch jobs or be concerned about health coverage when you’re on the road. Now you can travel nationwide and have the same peace of mind that you have at home.  We understand the challenges that you face so let us relieve some of that stress and provide you with coverage that you can trust anywhere in the US! Take your healthcare with you!

Team work
Health Across America is focused on enhancing your career, your personal life and your health - by removing the financial and knowledge hurdles you face every day. We encourage you to contact Health Across America today so that we can make a difference for you!

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