How We're Different

We are not one size fits all. We don't try to fit you into a healthcare plan, we tailor make healthcare plans that fit you!

We work for you, not the health insurance companies
We carefully listen to understand YOUR needs and budget
We guarantee quality healthcare that's there when you need it
We provide PPO networks that allow you to choose any doctor
We provide coverage that's guaranteed renewable until age 65

For Individuals and Families

For individuals and families seeking unbiased and honest advice on Healthcare, we provide access to vetted, certified, licensed, and trustworthy National Health Insurance Advisors to explain your options and assist you in obtaining the most affordable, quality, Healthcare coverage available in your state

Professional Woman

Affordable Small Business Employee Healthcare and Benefits

Today's employees demand better benefits. To help small business owners compete, attract, and retain quality employees, our Certified Small Business Benefits Coordinators develop affordable, tax advantaged small business Healthcare and benefits packages that rival those of major corporations

Affordable Healthcare and Benefits for Self-Employed Individuals

Our Certified Self-Employment Benefits Coordinators develop affordable, tax advantaged, healthcare and benefits packages for 1099 contracted and self-employed individuals Health Across America is focused on enhancing your career, your personal life and your health - by removing the financial and knowledge hurdles you face every day. We encourage you to contact Health Across America today so that we can make a difference for you!

For Affordable Healthcare & Benefit Plans When You Or Your Employees Travel!

From Travel Nurses to Truck Drivers and any other time you’re out of your home state, our coast-to-coast PPO network will cover you wherever you are! Your worries about needing medical attention and having costly bills when you’re not at home are over. Our coverage is a great opportunity for you to take a little stress off your shoulders and add a little time back into your day. We will perform a needs analysis to understand exactly what you need and present you with options that meet your needs and budget. No need to find coverage every time you switch jobs or be concerned about health coverage when you’re on the road. Now you can travel nationwide and have the same peace of mind that you have at home.  We understand the challenges that you face so let us relieve some of that stress and provide you with coverage that you can trust anywhere in the US! Take your healthcare with you!

Our trusted PPO network Advisors will show you how to save on the highest quality healthcare in America!

PPO network
Choose any doctor
Flexible deductible plans
Zero deductible options
MD live telehealth


PPO network
Choose any dentist
Low deductible
Flexible plan levels
Substantial discounts


National network
Free eye exams
Low copays
Discounts on frames
Discounts on lenses

Critical Illness

Personal asset protection
Income replacement
Eliminate out of pocket expenses
Pay for experimental treatment
Pay for home healthcare